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  1. Great video, great tutorial but Im wondering what about film sensitivity setting? Does this camera have it at all? Thank you.

    1. @Film Cameras And according to remembered film sensitivity to adjust shutter speed and aperture, isnt it?

    2. No, this camera doesnt have this setting. You just have to note or remember what ISO type of film you have inside.

  2. Im watching this video with holding my fathers old lubitel 2 camera… 😍 17/4/2020

  3. can to please tell me what the open-able panel provided in the left side off the camera is for?

    1. This side panel covers a case which is used for keeping two extra lens attachments (lens filters etc).

  4. Great video. Trying the second method of composing, the front panel of the hood got stuck to the back panel. How to bring it back to original position without damaging the camera?

    1. @Film Cameras I pulled from the holes, it easily came back up, thanks! Probably, having this camera pre-focused at 4 or 5.6m, stopped down to 11 or 16 and composing at eye level is the easiest way to go, for street photography. Happy shooting.

    2. This often happens. Try to pull back the back panel carefully an then slightly the side ones. Also the front part that is stuck has two square holes on the sides. Try pulling it from these holes using a wire or a thin screwdriver. Always with gentle moves. Dont force anything.

  5. Πολύ συνοπτικές και ξεκάθαρες οδηγίες. Ευχαριστούμε πολύ!

  6. great video!! what are the best shuuterspeed and aputure in daylight?

    1. SimonDC the rule of the sunny f16 means un full direct daylight with a clear sky it’s about f16 and 1/100th of a second 🙂
      hope it’ll help

    2. That depends on the depth of field you want. For something average, try 1/60 or 1/125 and f8 with a 400 iso film.

  7. 誰か日本語版出して(´;ω;`)

    1. I just bought a New lubitel2 film Camera Last week . I hope i can make it 🙂 , your video will help a lot, thanks again.

  8. super f*cking cool! Thanks a lot, cant wait to try my grandmothers lubitel from 67

  9. The Lubitel 2 is a copy of the 1938 version of the Voigtländer Brillant, a camera that my father used up to the 1960s and was my introduction to photography.

  10. For what ever reason the roll doesnt fit with the spring in the bottom, anyone know whats up with that?

    1. Maybe the spring is stiff because of age? Make sure that the film roll is not pushing the spring. When the film is in correct position, the spring should be holding it over from falling. Also make sure you are using 120 film and not 620 or anything that looks almost identical.

  11. Πολύ πληροφοριακό και καλοτραβηγμένο tutorial! Είχε μία ο πατέρας μου, αλλά την έχασα. Θέλω να βρω μία για να ασχοληθώ…

    1. εχω μια προς πωληση αν σε ενδιαφερει

  12. I have the product but I dont know where I get the flim roll its the good one theres no need a power or the battery its a good

    1. You can buy the 120 film roll for this camera in photography shops or on the internet. Also this camera doesnt need batteries. It is fully manual.

  13. Thx man! Found one in my grandpas stuff and wondered how I use it

  14. So after I wind and it says one just leave the window open? What if i move it to go back to the arrow with the little noob will the film be fine?

    1. @Film Cameras thanks so much I am very new to full manual cameras

    2. @ifanybodyislistening You will have no problem. This is why this little window exists. Even if you leave it open all the time, youll probably have no problem, unless the sun hits it directly. But better remember closing it after every time you advance to the next shot.

    3. @Film Cameras so close it every time and what about every time I advance it do I open advance it then close it?

    4. @Film Cameras so keep it on the arrow after winding. Crap.

    5. After winding the film to the number, you better close the little window (showing the arrow) in order to avoid light leaks.

  15. This is the best type of tutorial video Ive seen so far! Fantastic, keep up the good job! Its easy to understand, straight to the point, and quick.

    Please let me know if you accept subtitle translations, I would love to do these in Hungarian.

    1. Thank you so much! Unfortunately YouTube has recently removed the feature to add subtitles by other users. But if you are willing, you can email me at the address you can find in my channels about tab.

  16. Which film has the darkest lettering on the paper backing.
    I put some Ilford Hp5 into my Seagull 4bi and wasted 2 frames because I couldnt see the numbers through the red window.
    These cameras with red windows are best for people with Xray eyes.
    I stick with my easy to load and use Yashica Mat.
    No worries and superior glass.

  17. Hola, yo también acabo de comprar una similar y espero poder usarla pronto. ;-). Gracias por el vídeo

  18. I enjoy doing analog photography. Looking forward to working with a med-format camera. A few notes:(1) if buying online, be sure all parts are intact. Contact the seller. Photos can be deceptive. This vid is a good primer about what SHOULD be with the camera. if youre missing a take-up spool, you may have to try to find one online, or buy a junk camera to salvage parts. (2) Also, this is only ONE version of the Lubitel Twin Lens Reflex camera (TLR) There are others which may operate slightly differently. (3) if it comes with a users manual, it will likely be in Russian. Peace.

  19. is this camera made of metal or plastic? How is the lens on on this?

    1. It is made of plastic (bakelite) but the lens is metal and glass.

    1. The ISO depends on the film you choose to load inside. There is no way to set it otherwise. Once you load the film, you should remember the ISO and adjust the aperture and shutter speed accordingly.

  20. η πρώτη μου φωτογραφική μηχανή όνειρο!

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