Kara Panter Yuvaları

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‘Black Panther’ başrol oyuncusu Chadwick Boseman hayatını kaybetti – Keyif Haberleri

Güzel Kuşlar, Kuş Sanat, Kuş Yuvaları, Fantezi Manzara, Manzara, Vahşi. BİR CANA YUVA OLMADAN ÖNCE! Bir heves ile alınmamalı. Ailedeki bireylerin hepsi destek vermeli ve evlerini paylaşmayı istemeli ya da mutlaka ikna​. Marvel serisinin filmlerinden olan Black Panther Kara Panter Yuvaları Panter) filminde yuvasına dönen Kara Panter’in hikayesini beyaz perdeye taşımıştı.

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  1. Hawkeye should have worked out and got a little buffed or defined in his arms.

  2. The ending was DEEP. The look of pity on his face shows how much of a king he really is. Rest in Power

  3. He fucked up cap and bucky and ppl still think tney stronger

  4. This Black Panther would whoop DCEU Batman way too easily. Skill, Strength, Striking power, Speed, Agility, Tech etc

  5. F*cking hell man…this year is so cursed 😞 black panther was one of my fav heros 😭 rest in peace king 🙏 #WakandaForever

  6. R.i.p, Chadwick. Wakanda Forever🙅🏾‍♂️

  7. Black panther is my favourite superhero….

    Maybe because i am a cat

  8. Goddamn he was badass in Civil War compared to his own movie

  9. I swear black panther voice was deeper in civil war than infinity war and endgame

  10. First of all, rest in peace Chadwick Boseman. Secondly, it’s interesting to see the differences between Civil War T’Challa and Black Panther. And the reason he is so brutal in these films is simple. He is out to kill Buckie and anyone who gets in his way. In Black Panther, he is fighting not to kill but for knockout.

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  12. I love the scene where black panther take 2 explosive arrows to the face and it doesn’t absolutely nothing to him 😂 1:55

  13. Rest in Peace, Noble Warrior, Wise King……..Wakanda Forever!

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  15. Chad: will you forget about me?

    FANS: We dont do that here!

    Rest in Paradise our king!

  16. it makes me mad how much they softened black panther in his own movie, infinity war, and endgame. in civil war, black panther was such a bold character with his own motivations and that shouldve been upscaled in black panther, but he was such a passive character with no real impact on the plot when you think about it. infinity war is even worse. his action scenes in those movie was very minimal, granted it was a lot of characters in that movie, but i feel each major character got at least one good chance to be in the spotlight. black panther got a few seconds to shine, but he never stole the show like he did in civil war.

  17. In hand to hand combat, Black Panther was simply undefeatable.

  18. Already, Im gonna miss him.
    Rest in both Power and Peace.

  19. Black Panther. The only man fast, strong and agile enough to deal with Winter Soldier effectively.

  20. Rip to the panthers Wakanda forever 🙅🏾‍♂️

  21. Sadly, Black Panther wont be as same as it was before anymore 💔

  22. Rest In Peace Chadwick he filmed this movie when he was sick still 😔

  23. chadwick begged the stunt performers to most of his stunts.

  24. Anybody after his death.

    May his soul Rest in peace 🙏

  25. I think Chadwick Boseman did such a great job. So sad to see him gone 🙁

  26. Do people really not recognize that hes beat nearly almost all avengers and comics hes one of the most powerful marvel characters and he actually becomes the most powerful marvel character when he takes over the gauntlet.. and he is a master of all martial arts.

  27. Dann the more I watch this the more I see that the black panther really gave bucky the work


  29. Bucky isnt anything special tbh… I mean sure hes the winter soldier but hes just a cool dude with an iron arm.

  30. He fought Captain America,Bucky and Hackeye
    Singlehandedly now thats OP

  31. For me black panther have a best skills on close combat and martial art then others👍

  32. 1:58 they say hawkeye never mis well BIG MISTAKE TO SAY

  33. His fight is much better in Civil War than in his own movie

  34. Anyone here after Chadwick Boseman passed away? Really awesome fight scenes.

  35. Move Captain, I wont ask a second time. Always gave me the chills

  36. Black Panther Know Signature How Come He Can Use His Style Fight L Wish Do Signature Called Triple Kick

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