Kumarhaneden 100 ruble

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Minimum ruble Kumarhaneden 100 ruble bir kumarhane oyuncusu, temelde büyük meblağları riske atan, doğrulanmamış operatörlerin cüzdanına dökülen bir oyun alanı.

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  1. Location would matter too as to what you might be able get for 500 rubles. Pskov vs Moscow as an example

    1. Kaliningrad ? Is it in Poland ? So close to Gdansk !!!!

  2. Thank you! This helps me to know how much to donate to a Russian artist.

  3. One ruble is equivalent to .013 dollar. That’s right folks…slightly more than a penny.

  4. 500 Rubles is 30 Polish Zloty . 0,06 PLN = 1 Ruble xDDDD

  5. How about my question of will you marry me you gorgeous woman!!

  6. Khabarovsk largest than Vladivostoc,cmmon,check information after you say something

  7. This video was very laid out and it was very interesting. I almost felt like I was with you! I really like how you took time and didnt rush to explain the different rubles, good job!

  8. Im gonna do the simple thing and go to Google type in 500 rubles to usd. Okay, 500 rubles is about 8 dollars. I think now you can figure out what you can buy for 8 dollars, which is not much.

    1. Great that you managed to find all the answers 🙂

  9. She is yapping. Take us in a grocery store show what you can really purchase. Useless, babushka

  10. Rhats how rhey get paid in this country thats what they gonna do

  11. Im really suprised that their atms have finnish in them.
    I mean, it makes sense that russia is a neighbour but this is convenient 🙂
    From: finland

  12. You should start with coins…how much rubles to one u.s dollar

  13. Largest city in siberia its not a Krasnoyrsk,its Novosibirsk

  14. I know that the Russian cent is called a kopek, but are rarely used. My question would be are they still legal tender or is everything rounded up to the nearest ruble?

    1. all currently existing kopeikas in denominations of 1,5,10 and 50 are legal means of payment and the amounts are not rounded to whole numbers. However, the Bank of Russia does not produce more coins in denominations of 1 and 5

  15. Зачем так взахлёб-то? Можно нормально обяснять. Что уж так воздух громко заглатывать? А вообще полезная информация для иностранцев. Спасибо.

    1. Haha. She scared she going to go to prison for talking about her country? lol

  16. Ochenj zabavno i polezno. Spasibo za obiasneneie. Ya obiazatelno presleduiu na FB.

  17. If I remember isnt there a 2000 I tink it was blue 2

    1. 8 dollars . 1 Ruble in Poland is like 0,06 PLN which is 2 cents .

  18. Za to jelatelno bylo by govoritj o stoiemosti tranzportatsii tozhe.

  19. I did not understand what I can buy for that money. I wish there was a list of things from you.

  20. Hi, Im currently earning in this currency, very excited

  21. Its located in umm BREATHE INTENSIFIES . Ive never been to HAAAAAH

  22. They ate about to get paid in some type of way ill probably be dying soon because im not doing good after last night they are after me

  23. My husband has a 10, we came here to learn about it. Very informative, thank you! Very pretty as well!

  24. Hope am i not rong, are you kendra lust??…..🙄🙄

  25. You should improve content… Though it was good but not great…

  26. You talk too much but not about what’s matter too much trash talk

  27. Currency is related to a particular country. In ten rubles can I buy a bread and one liter of milk? How much a Belarus 510 tractor is available in Roubles in Minsk Ucrane?

  28. А где 200 и 2000 рублей?)

  29. I had a question about how much ruble does it cost to live in a apartment near Moscow Russia for a month

    1. of course there is , because there is about 10 million muslim in russia i thing ..

  30. Is it true , that you can do any thing but have money for bribe

    1. What are you talking about vodka is just water over there you can just get it straight from the tap

  31. That was very interesting. Seems like food is fairly low priced in Russia. Which is good for a student like me.^^
    So the only coin is the 10 Ruble one? Everything else is in paper? Thats convenient for carrying it around. It wont make annoying noises.
    Since you mentioned it fairly strongly: Is pickpocket a problem, especially in bigger cities? Should I hide my money in my clothes rather than have it in some outside pocket?
    Oh and lastly: that food looks delicious. And I love some good food. Im not a huge sightseeing fan, but when I see something unusual on a menu I need to try it. 😀 I will definitely try to find that restaurant (Чарли is the name?) when I go to Piter.

    1. Politics everywhere is a means of making illegal money along with power. 95% of politicians are corrupt and the world would have been better without politicians.

    2. @ElectroBlud You know revolutions were initiated historically by a few, not that Im saying that you need a revolution in Germany or anything…

    3. No worries, I understand your frustration.
      I still dont agree with my gouvernments politics, but much more than voting and the occasional protest is not in my power.

    4. @ElectroBlud Your ancestry is German? Apologies, thought you were American.

  32. Do I have to treat Russian money like Japanese money

  33. Am I the only one who has stop watching because of her vocalized breathing? Really distracting. Seems like it would be an interesting video. 😬

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